Most basic guide to generate email signature using HTML and CSS.

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So, you got bored of the classic email signature you keep sending to your co-workers ? You have probably searched for some inspiring signatures in Pinterest and you found some. Still, you couldn’t mimic them in your email client as it provides you with a limited text editor with few customization options.

If you are exactly in this situation, this post will help you code your own email signature.

You won’t need much to make the perfect signature, all you will need is :

The fundamentals about managing your process with code.

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This post is one of two parts article, this post does not require a strong technical background as it only explains the fundamentals of process management and the idea behind Process as Code.

Enterprises nowadays opt for various tools and technologies in order to facilitate their daily work.

As team size grows and tasks complexity rises, improving the usability of these tools and coordinating between them becomes more and more challenging.

Fortunately, Process as Code can help overcome those challenges.

What is a process ?

Because you’re here for more interesting content than defining a process, we could say that a process is a collection…


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